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Whether you love or love to hate flat design, it seems like it’s here to stay. Also here to stay are minimalist design aesthetics. Far from being outdated and uninspired, the shift in focus actually has a lot to offer the creative community, as well as much to add to the user experience.

According to a recent article from Understanding Minimalism, the ideal minimalist font:

  • Uses the smallest amount of ink
  • Uses the minimum number of shapes

Perhaps most interesting of all, however, is that the article suggests that a “most minimalist font” does not exist.

From the creator’s point of view, the best typeface will always be the one that fits his or her immediate needs or can be manipulated to suit. And that’s what this list is for.

The fonts you’ll find below are notable for their lack of embellishment, as well as the inconspicuous way the few embellishments are included. So take a look and try testing a few for your next design project.


  1. Liberation Mono


liberation mono text


  1. Arcon

arcon text



  1. Graviola

graviola text



  1. Overpass

overpass text


  1. Geometria

geometria text



  1. Lovato

lovato font



  1. Source Sans Pro

sources sans pro font



  1. Slabo

slabo font



  1. Cooper Hewitt

cooper hewitt font


  1. PT Mono

pt mono font



As you can see, the utility of these minimalist fonts knows no bounds. While they all adhere to the conventional definition of the term, they are all unique. Minimalist design comes down to how few variations there are within the end result, and how few fonts you need to get your point across.


Photo: Kai Ming Wong

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