Google changed their logo. To many folks, this would register as a big, “So, what?” However, to web designers and folks who don’t like things to change (present company included), it is a big deal. This isn’t the first time Google has fixed something that wasn’t broken. Anyone remember Google Lively? Of course you don’t. Nobody does. It just goes to show that being an Internet giant doesn’t make you infallible.

From a design perspective, there are many graphic artists who are fans of the new look. Geoff Cook of Base Design told Fast Company that he thinks it is less of a logo and more of visual language that “enables us, the users, to connect the dots across the Google ecosystem.”

Michael Rock of 2X4 also told Fast Company that he appreciates how Google has gone from “Lifesaver hues to full Montessori” colors. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

For the record, I hate the new Google logo.  Here’s the old logo and the new:


And here are the 10 reasons why I hate the new Google logo:

10. I happen to like serif fonts.

Making the logo sans serif sure made it modern, but it lost a little bit of its character. (No pun intended.)

9. I don’t like change.

If you spend as many hours in front of your computer as I do, then you grow to appreciate familiarity. You know how things work. You know how to get around websites and documents. Any time there is an operating system upgrade, I cringe. What fresh horrors will be forced upon me? How many things will I have to relearn? Since limiting my caffeine intake, change is harder to adapt to. The old Google label was just fine and wasn’t hurting anybody.

8. It feels like I’m back in preschool.

There is a genuine sense that the new Google logo would feel right at home on Sesame Street. It is has a “pre-schooler time to learn your ABCs” vibe about it. Perhaps going with serifs is a sign of maturity. Did I become an adult when I embraced Times New Roman?

7. I can’t look away.

Just because I hate the new Google, logo doesn’t mean I will stop staring at the new Google logo. In fact, I can’t look away. It is mesmerizing. That in and of itself is a major distraction. Plus, the new logo comes with a new search engine icon that is on all my tabs. There it is as the top of my web browser, winking at me and mocking. I know what you’re doing, Google logo. Did I mention I cut back on my caffeine?

6. It reminds me that we’re all going to grow old.

Google is 17 years old. Of course, they are entitled to change their logo. In fact, the old Google logo was once a new Google logo, too. Now I’ll be constantly reminded that things change as we get older. Nothing stays the same. How comforting is that?

5. Google knows I’m not going anywhere.

Google knows I’ll still use it for my primary search engine. Why? See number nine above.

4. I’m afraid of what else they’re going to change.

Now that they have a new logo, what else is Google going to change? Are they going to start calling themselves Alphabet? What is Google anyway?

3. It lacks character.

They all say “simplicity is beautiful” but this “simplicity” is just plain boring…we all know how sassy Google can be, but the new logo is too lackluster to convey this.

2. The design is just lazy.

Isn’t the point of redesign to create a better design? Google just took away anything that was unique about their logo and created what is best described as “generic,” and Google certainly isn’t “generic.” Hopefully they’ll still keep their Google Doodles around for the holidays.

1. Haters are going to hate.

The very notion that I have such a strong opinion about this puts me in the “haters” category. I hate that. There is small comfort that I’m not alone. Don’t believe me? Google “Why the new Google logo sucks” and you’ll come up with 81,500,000 results. How’s that for irony?