You might be struggling to think of what to get the designer or other creative person in your life for the holidays. Maybe some expensive, weird looking chair? Actually – like anyone else –designers like useful gifts, we just also appreciate the artistic nature of things. With that in mind, here are a baker’s dozen of beautiful and useful gifts that any designer, photographer or artist would love to discover under the tree.

Gift Ideas for Designers: Mac Desk Organizer by Lifta

1. Mac Desk Organizer by Lifta, $125

This sleek wooden desk organizer is a great way to organize your wireless Mac accessories. Hide your keyboard and mouse underneath the desk, while the computer sits on top. If that’s not reason enough: it looks pretty sleek on almost any desktop.

Gift Ideas for Designers: Pantone CAPSURE Color Matcher

2. Pantone CAPSURE Color Matcher, $512

This is every designer’s dream gadget. Scan and capture colors anywhere, easily and quickly. It then matches the scanned color to a Pantone color. It’s pricey, but if you’re looking to impress, this will certainly do the trick.

Gift Ideas for Designers: Browser Sketch Pad

3. Browser Sketch Pad, $16

Wireframing is a technique that most serious web designers still use. This wireframing sketchpad tool is very useful, and well-loved. This is one gift that will reward you with a bang for your buck.

Gift Ideas for Designers: UI Stencil Kit

4. UI Stencil Kit, $29

Designing UI elements is something most web designers have to do, but don’t like much. This basic UI kit comes with the stencil board and a mechanical pencil. Upgraded kit items will cost slightly more. The company also offers a series of UI stencils for iPhone, Android and Windows 8.

Gift Ideas for Designers: Pixel Ruler

5. Pixel Ruler, $29

Probably every new or fairly new web designer has wanted this at some point, regardless of whether they knew it existed already or not. This is the perfect gift for the new designer on your list.

Gift Ideas for Designers: Western Digital My Cloud

6. Western Digital My Cloud, $220

This personal cloud storage unit is kind of a big deal for photographers, designers and others who have lots of large files to store and access. The kit comes with a Network Attached Storage device, which you can access from anywhere on a Mac, tablet, smartphone or camera.

Users can also transfer content among online public accounts, like Dropbox and the WD Cloud. Designers with loads of heavy customer files will be super pleased to get this for Christmas. Comes in 2TB, 3TB AND 4TB storage sizes.

Gift Ideas for Designers: Pencil iPad Stylus by FiftyThree

7. Pencil by FiftyThree Digital Stylus, $60

Since becoming available to third-party apps, Pencil is now both brilliant and multi-functional. Pencil’s design and function is very intuitive, and it’s used in a way nearly identical to that of a real pencil. FiftyThree even kept the eraser function natural and familiar. This product has awesome reviews, and designers love having creativity at their fingertips.

Gift Ideas for Designers: Cordies Cable Organizer

8. Cordies Cable Organizer, $17

If there’s something graphic and web designers have, it’s lots of gadgets and cables. Cordies promote neater, more organized workspaces with this simple, smart and sleek product.

Gift Ideas for Designers: The North Face Surge II Charged Backpack

9. The North Face Surge II Charged Backpack, $229

The North Face backpack is a great item for techies on the go. Tuck away your tablet, phone, laptop and other items neatly into specialized compartments. The backpack also comes with a large capacity Joey T55 power supply that charges USB devices for several days. It’s rugged and built to last, but also sleek and versatile enough to commute with.

Gift Ideas for Designers: Custom Letterpress Stationery

10. Custom Letterpress Stationery, Price Varies

What better way to impress a designer friend than to give them a gift alongside a beautiful, custom-printed card? Or the letterpress could be the gift itself – a set of customized stationery for them to cherish.

Gift Ideas for Designers: Cyber Clean

11. Cyber Clean, $3

Working lunches lead to messy keyboards for designers and others who spend too much time in front of the screen. Cyber Clean makes the job of getting all the old crumbs and other junk out of your keyboard easy.

Gift Ideas for Designers: Pantone Formula Guide

12. Pantone Formula Guide, $122

Not every designer always has access to a computer. This is a very useful gift that’s easy to carry. The recipient will be very thankful.

Gift Ideas for Designers: Logitech Wireless Trackball Mouse

13. Logitech Wireless Trackball, $37

Sometimes things that look cool aren’t as well liked by the intended audience as you’d think. That wasn’t the case with this ergonomically designed mouse. It offers several cool features like back and forward navigations, a programmable button, a thumb-controlled trackball and others.

These gift ideas run the gamut of economical to pricey and simple to high tech, but hopefully somewhere in this list you’ve found the perfect item for a special creative person you know

Got any other ideas for designer gifts? We’d love to hear! Share them in the comments below!

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