7 More Design Blogs You Should Be Reading

Reading design blogs is an excellent way to keep tabs on industry trends and get inspiration. A previous post I published about must-read design blogs may have urged you to follow worthy blogs like Smashing Mag, SitePoint and CreativePro. If you enjoyed that list, you’ll love this follow-up post with seven more suggestions for design blogs you shouldn’t overlook.

1. Tuts+

Maybe you live in a place where design courses from top teachers aren’t accessible. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean learning and career growth has to stop. Simply check out Tuts+, a collection of over 18,000 courses for creative types. Topics range from fool-proof web design to photography lenses. If you don’t see something that strikes your fancy yet, fear not. Dozens of new courses are added each month.

2. Webdesigner Depot

This blog offer a good mix of content that’s instructive, plus some that’s humorous. Get your weekly chuckle by reading comics made exclusively for Webdesigner Depot, or sort through the Freebies section at the top left to find templates and more. (Their newsletter has some great freebies every week, too!) Whether you’re looking for something to help you with a project or just want to read a few lighthearted posts, Webdesigner Depot has both.

3. Speckyboy Web Design Magazine

Rich in its breadth of content, yet refreshingly easy to navigate, Speckyboy Web Design Magazine is well worth a look, even if you do something other than design for the Internet. By using the blog’s category filter, you can search through posts related to other types of artistry, such as photography. There’s even a Weekly Inspiration feature that offers a roundup of notable web and mobile design efforts from the past seven days. Check it out if your inspiration is running low and you’re short on time.

4. SpyreStudios

The team behind the SpyreStudios blog has plenty of topical content about web design, from eCommerce best practices to wireframing. Check out popular posts by looking at the menu on the right side, and check out the Training section if you’re interested in taking professionally-led online courses to help your graphics design career grow. The courses have been offered for over a decade, so you can rest assured SpyreStudios is a reputable resource. And you’ll love the freebies section!

5. CrazyLeaf Design Blog

The CrazyLeaf Design Blog is a great resource both for professional and aspiring designers. Whether you want to take in a few tutorials, find some freebies or get inspired by others’ work, you can do all those things and more while browsing the blog. The best part is, it’s easy to find relevant information rather than getting buried in content that doesn’t match your needs.

6. Designmodo

This website doubles as a blog and place to buy WordPress themes and design framework. Content is written in a professional, yet friendly tone, making it easy to understand whether you have decades of design experience under your belt or are just getting started. If you’re visiting Designmodo with the intention of buying something, the most popular paid products are listed on the right side of the homepage. It’s easy to see what other designers are buying and decide if those options might fit your needs too.

7. WTF Visualizations

Although tutorials are usually very helpful for designers, sometimes it’s just as useful to see what not to do. That’s the concept behind the WTF Visualizations blog. Its pages are filled with infographics that were supposed to make data easier to interpret, but for one reason or another, they definitely didn’t serve the intended purpose! Look through the archive for failed attempts at infographics explaining the benefits of green tea, how much it might cost if a woman gets the flu while traveling and the number of LinkedIn users who check the networking site daily.

These stand-out blogs are worth following, whether you read them as part of your daily routine or make a point of checking them out every weekend to get a sense of what happened in your industry during the workweek. I personally have all my favorite blogs loaded up into Feedly so that anytime I need a burst of inspiration for a project, I know exactly where to go.

So, did I miss anything? Be sure to check out my original list of my seven favorite design blogs, and I’d love to hear from you. Who knows, maybe in a few months I’ll have enough for another seven!

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