Quality web and graphic designers are often oozing with originality, but that doesn’t exclude them from enjoying the inspiration of others. A designer is never too accomplished to forego the essential seven design blogs below, which are amazing resources for those from all backgrounds, from new students to professionals.

1. Smashing Magazine

Featuring a variety of resources for designers and coders, Smashing Magazine offers design and coding tutorials, free icons and graphics, design principle overviews and a job board for designers and coders. Smashing Magazine tends to update once per day with an informative post regarding design or coding.

2. Onextrapixel

A consummate magazine-like resource, Onextrapixel is an accessible yet diverse collection of design tutorials, freebies and editorials. It also features fun list-type articles for web designers, like “10 Designers and Developers That We Love to Hate” and “10 Writing Commandments: Making Your Landing Page Work.” Less technical than other blogs, Onextrapixel is a great daily read for emerging designers.

3. Inspirationfeed

Inspirationfeed specializes in easy-to-read, list-based articles for designers but with a broad tech categorization as well. Some of the recent homepage topics include the top computer monitors for designers and the best gaming WordPress themes, with more specific article examples such as tips to fully utilize Quora and ways to find new clients as a freelancer.

4. Inspired Magazine

As its name suggests, Inspired Magazine aims to inspire designers. Popular posts include monthly sets of ten freebies and a variety of “Inspired Deals,” which often features visual design-based products or services at great value. Plus, it also offers tips on the best hosting services, knowledge that will aid in showcasing your design work.

5. CreativePro

CreativePro is geared toward professionals in print design, photography, and web design professionals. Many articles deal with business-savvy tips, like how to gain new clients, work more productively and interact with similarly artistic peers. Its content will aid professionals in being satisfied with their design career.

6. SitePoint

If you’re seeking technical tutorials in the design sphere, look no further than SitePoint. This blog has very informative tutorials in a variety of programming languages and design, including walkthroughs in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Ruby, Mobile and UX. Design-based content examples include useful browser extensions for designers and tips for an effective landing page.

7. LogoThief

LogoThief is one of the most unique design blogs, since it aims to highlight stolen logos in a campaign to promote respecting copyrights. The site shames logo thieves, effectively scaring prospective future logo thieves in the process. The blog’s owners are designers who started the blog after frustration over their work and their peers’ work being plagiarized to make a quick buck.

The list of design blogs above will offer an eclectic range of resources for designers of all experience levels. There are many design blogs online, but the seven above have proven to be among the most original and consistent in the design blogosphere.