7 Free Infographic Tools for Non-Designers

Infographics have become quite the rage in online marketing. They present large amounts of useful information in a concise, visually stimulating manner… and people love them. Not every blog owner or business person has the budget to hire a professional graphic designer, however, so taking advantage of such a wonderful marketing tool has proven challenging to say the least.

Fortunately, many software developers understand this plight and have taken steps to make free infographic tools available to anyone who needs them — whether they have a designer background or not. The following seven tools won’t get you an award-winning infographic, but they are powerful enough to produce a professional-looking, effective finished product.

7 Free Infographic Tools for Non-Designers: Canva

1.  Canva

Canva sets itself apart from many other free graphic design tools in that it’s not just for infographics. Users can create professional business cards, banners, invitations, Facebook cover photos and even presentations — all for free online.

Millions of images and thousands of font types make Canva extremely versatile for any infographic design project. Drag-and-drop styling makes it one of the easiest graphic design tools to use. Just be aware that using Canva’s premium images will cost $1 each; fortunately, Canva has a ton of free resources, especially vector graphics.

7 Free Infographic Tools for Non-Designers: Easel.ly

2.  Easel.ly

Easel.ly is a theme-based infographic design tool that is currently in beta mode. If you’re willing to give it a try before all the kinks are worked out, you might be able to gain access to valuable features that will move to paid subscriptions in the future.

The beta version of Easel.ly only has 10 visual themes, or “vhemes” as they call them, but the ease of use with the WYSIWYG formatting more than makes up for that. A generous selection of image categories has something useful for everyone, and image insertion is a breeze.

7 Free Infographic Tools for Non-Designers: Hohli

3.  Hohli

If you’d like to incorporate charts on your infographics, Hohli is the free tool for you. While you’ll need something else to complete the entire infographic, Hohli is quite valuable for presenting statistical data in an interesting, visual format.

Create bar graphs, pie charts, Venn diagrams and more with this free chart maker. Choose the size and format you like for your image, save it to your computer and insert it where you want on your infographic.

7 Free Infographic Tools for Non-Designers: Infoactive

4.  Infoactive

Infoactive is quite a fun tool to use with its interactivity and simplicity in design. Don’t let the idea of simplicity misguide you, though. Infoactive is impressively powerful for a free graphic-design program.

Based online with the ability to update information quickly via a live-data feature, Infoactive allows you and others to become part of the story. It’s in beta mode right now, so grab this infographic tool while you can — it might just become a paid program one day because it’s that good.

7 Free Infographic Tools for Non-Designers: Infogram

5.  Infogr.am

Infogr.am is another surprisingly powerful infographic tool, especially considering its current free status. Packed with features, including a built-in spreadsheet to easily edit data, this tool could reasonably serve as a one-stop shop for those who want to build infographics without using multiple programs.

You can create charts with Infogr.am, as well as share and embed your completed infographics online. Additionally, you can save digital copies of your creations to your computer to keep forever, a feature that isn’t always available with other free tools.

7 Free Infographic Tools for Non-Designers: Piktochart

6.  Piktochart

Piktochart is a great graphic-design tool to try, but only the editor is free. To unlock all of its features, you’ll have to pay $29 per month. Even so, it’s still less than the cost of keeping a professional graphic designer on hand, and you definitely get your money’s worth if you use the program regularly.

Piktochart features more than 90 themes, WYSIWYG editing, drag-and-drop design, and easy embedding and social-media sharing. If it’s good enough for the folks at Harvard University, it’s definitely worth looking into.

7 Free Infographic Tools for Non-Designers: Vizualize.me

7.  Vizualize.me

Another excellent infographic tool that’s currently in beta, Vizualize.me is an awesome app for individuals and businesses alike. It creates an infographic of your resume or portfolio using your LinkedIn profile, which really is just awesome.

Of course, you can always customize the infographic that’s generated, so don’t worry about being locked into something you don’t like. Considering the potential market value of such a tool, we’d expect certain features to become paid after beta testing, so don’t wait if you think this is something you’d like to try.

Whatever needs you may have when it comes to graphic design, take heart in knowing that these and many other excellent free tools are available to you — you only need take to advantage of them. If you do find that you become advanced enough to exhaust the free features, you can always upgrade to something paid in the future. As it stands, these tools are an excellent way to add visual value to your blog, website or social-media accounts without breaking the budget or having to learn complex design yourself. Enjoy!

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