7 Places to Read or Submit Design News

Whether you’re looking for a way to build a following or an online reputation or just want to learn more about what’s happening in the world of design, hundreds of options are available. Check out the list below for resources designed to allow you to find content and to submit your own.

1. Design Newz

Design Newz is a straightforward, gallery-style design news sharing site. Users can share content they’ve created for their own blogs through an easy submission form that includes the post’s title, link and tags. Content is then displayed on the homepage and searchable for the future. It’s an easy method for sharing content and increasing your reach without a hassle.

2. Designer News

Designer News appears to be the Twitter of design news. Subscribers can share content and vote on posts by others. The more votes any given piece of content receives, the higher it will be displayed. Content varies and includes news of all genres, but design news applies. The site is worth checking out for anyone looking to submit design-related news.

3. Design Float

Much like Reddit, Design Float displays user-submitted content based on popularity, with a section to preview new topics that are gaining popularity. Users can “float” (Design Float’s version of upvoting) content they enjoy. Content can be viewed by day, week or month and is updated on a regular basis. Sub-topics include identity and branding, programming, photography and tutorials along with web design, making it an excellent source of information for all things related to design.

4. DesignrFix

Like Design Newz, DesignrFix displays design-related content in a gallery style. Most posts are actionable with tips for various design strategies and techniques. For the average designer looking to improve their skills or learn from the community, DesignrFix is a solid resource. Posts can be browsed by what’s trending or the latest content, and new content can be submitted through a simple submission form.

5. InstantShift

InstantShift is more like a traditional news site than the other options listed. Content is displayed magazine style with previews and images and tends to contain work by professionals. Those interested in contributing community news do so in the bottom widget on the homepage sidebar. Content submitted should be newsworthy design information or well-researched pieces that are helpful web designers.

6. The Web Blend

The Web Blend is a self-proclaimed “community for designers, developers and tech junkies” that’s designed to keep visitors apprised of web design news and trends. With more of a social feel, members can contribute content and engage with others interested in design. There is also an upvote functionality, similar to Design Float, where users can “blend” their favorite content.

7. zaBox

zaBox is newer than many of these other design news sites, but it is on the rise. I love the trending wall and the ability to add questions. You need to create an account to post, but I definitely recommend this community.

Gone are the days of looking for design news and hard-to-find answers to no avail. The resources listed above make it easier than ever to connect with other designers, to share your content and to find the information you need to succeed in the world of design.

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