Icons are everywhere, which is why it’s so important to choose only the best icon sets when you’re designing your website or app. Whether your goal is to simply make your site just a little bit less text-heavy or you want to provide some attractive sharing icons that draw the eye, the right icons can really – as the saying goes – tie the room together. Below are seven of the very best free icon sets from 2013.

7 of the Most Useful Free Icon Sets of 2013

1. Sixrevisions: Ultimate Free Icon Set

More isn’t necessarily better, but when it comes to icon sets, we have to give it to Sixrevisions for going the extra mile. This is a 1,000-icon set, and it is available in .PNG, .EPS and .AI format. Each icon is designed with minimalism in mind, and with so many icons to choose from, it’s easy to introduce a fresh new look across your whole operating system, website or app.

7 of the Most Useful Free Icon Sets of 2013

2. Ivo Ivanov: Vector Glyph Icons

If you’re looking for an icon set that’s both distinctive and minimalistic, Ivo Ivanov’s set of 120 glyph icons may be just what you’re looking for. Each icon is lovingly designed with subtle gradients, drop shadows and interior shadows, each of which can be toggled on and off by the user, allowing for lots of variety and personalization.

7 of the Most Useful Free Icon Sets of 2013

3. Dtafalonso: iOS 7-Style Icons

You don’t have to be an Apple fan to appreciate their particular design aesthetic. If you love the look of consistently shaped and minimalistic icons found on smartphones, Dtafalonso’s iOS 7-style icon set is perfect for bringing that look to your desktop. All of your favorite apps and social sites are accounted for.

7 of the Most Useful Free Icon Sets of 2013

4. Medialoot: Flat Vector Icons

This 50-icon set by Medialoot will make a great addition to your Windows or Mac application. “Flat design” is one of the most popular buzz words right now, and you’re likely to find that these clean and minimally-designed icons will fit in perfectly. From note-taking and word processing applications to your favorite media apps, this icon set has what you’re looking for, with a framed and unframed version for each one.

7 of the Most Useful Free Icon Sets of 2013

5. Designmodo: Flat Social Media Icons

We see once again that “flat design” is the order of the day. This time it’s applied to social media icons. Created by Designmodo, this icon set features all of our favorite social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, YouTube and many more, making it a perfect fit for a website that’s already embraced flat design.

7 of the Most Useful Free Icon Sets of 2013

6. Vlad Chernushevich: Hicons

There’s something very pleasing about Vlad Chernushevich’s simple-and-then-some 60-icon set. Each icon almost gives the impression that it was hand-drawn using a single black line. The set includes just about everything you’d need to outfit your website, including media playback controls, Like and Dislike buttons and much more.

7 of the Most Useful Free Icon Sets of 2013

7. Webdesignerdepot: Vector Icons

With 200 lovingly crafted icons, this is another generous offering, this time from Webdesignerdepot. While these icons might at first look like just another “minimal” icon set, a closer look reveals a wealth of details, such as the perfect cross-hatching on the tennis rackets. Available in both “warm” and “cool” colors, this icon set would be perfect for updating your site during the summer and winter months, respectively.

If none of these strike your fancy, there are plenty more icon sets to choose from here. While you’re at it, why not drop us a comment about how you like to use your favorite icon sets? We’re always looking for great sources of inspiration.

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