Living in a digital age is great – the connectedness it provides along with the easy way to send updates on the go cannot be understated. However, sometimes you might be looking for a way to bring it all back to how it was before smartphones and tablets – to tangible items, like books.

This is especially true of photo sites like Instagram. While smartphones have virtually replaced cameras and photo sharing sites have replaced scrapbooks, sometimes it’d be nice if the technologies could be combined, into Instagram books we can actually flip through and show off. Fortunately, they can be. Check out the seven options below for turning your Instagram feed into a book.

7 Ways to Turn Your Instagram Feed Into a Book: Mixbook

1. Mixbook

Available in three sizes and starting at just $12.99, Mixbook showcases Instagram photos on white backgrounds. Various layout options exist relating to the number of pictures for each page and users can upload photos directly from Instagram. The service can autofill the book; however, users maintain control over exactly which order they’d like their photos displayed. Hardcover and softcover options are available and each item is backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

2. Keepsy

Keepsy allows users to transform Instagram feeds into albums, calendars and pocketbooks, among other items. Most relevant is their Instagram Photobook which uses a drag and drop system to give users complete control of the final product. Albums are 11.5 inches by 8.5 inches with hard covers and up to 30 photos per page. Pricing starts at $29.95 for 30 pages; additional pages – up to 100 – can be added for 50 cents per page.

3. PastBook

For users looking to mix it up, PastBook offers a variety of appealing options. From multiple page backgrounds to the ability to add photos from friends via a hashtag search or even from Facebook, PastBook is not limited to Instagram alone. Prices range from $13.07 for 24 pages up to $92.27 for 500 pages, with multiple sizes and varieties in between including hard and soft covers.

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7 Ways to Turn Your Instagram Feed Into a Book: Artifact Uprising

 4. Artifact Uprising

Connecting directly to Instagram with a design especially for the network, Artifact Uprising’s Instagram Friendly Books combine simplicity with attractiveness to create a coffee-table worthy final product. With two sizes – 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches and 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches – the square pages bring Instagram photos to life. Pricing starts at $17.99 and additional pages can be added for 75 cents each.

7 Ways to Turn Your Instagram Feed Into a Book: Prinstagram

5. Printstagram

For Instagram users looking for an easy way to take photos from smartphone screens to hardcover books, Printstagram fits the bill. For $25, users can create a photobook that includes 38 pages of thick paper with a cover that is completely customizable. The service offers the option to include captions, unlike many other Instagram photo books. Each book can contain between 38 and 319 images and the design process puts the user in complete control. Printstagram is simple and straightforward with an attractive final product.

7 Ways to Turn Your Instagram Feed Into a Book: Blurb

6. Blurb

Blurb’s claim to fame? The ability to take photos from Instagram into a fully customized book in just 5 minutes. After logging into the system, Instagram photos are automatically displayed. Users can then pick and choose the images they’d like to use, starting at 60 and ranging to almost limitless – whatever would fill 240 pages. Each Blurb book is 7 inches by 7 inches and pricing starts at $20.99.

7 Ways to Turn Your Instagram Feed Into a Book: 100HappyDays

7. 100 Happy Days

Have you participated in the #100happydays challenge? If so, this book is designed with you in mind. Meant to display photos that were part of the challenge, a $25 donation to the 100 Happy Days Foundation earns users a fully customized softcover collection of photos displayed during the challenge. Measuring 9.6 centimeters by 9.6 centimeters, the book contains 100 photos and is available without a delivery charge.

Whether you’re looking for a way to remember your digital photos without a mobile device or just want a conversation starter for the coffee table, the options above make it easy to bring your photos to life.