Creating a pitch deck is so stressful, it requires a hell of a brainstorm and research to visualize our decks. People strive for pitch decks because it is one a must thing to have both for small or big start-ups in terms of presenting a business overview for investors.

Still, why do people try to craft it from zero when actually there are tons ready-made pitch decks out there? That is true, some enterprising platforms can help us obtain legit pitch deck templates as our digital assets and provide them for free.

Here come our curated websites to download pitch deck templates, check the list below:

1. Slidebean

Slidebean supports presenters in creating professional slides with various items. Then there, we can find a lot of design templates, premium fonts, and high-end color palettes that help the overall design of the presentation pitch deck.

The easy-to-use interface requires presentations to enter the content. This allows users with zero design skills to create impressive slides suitable for the medium until large businesses.

Slidebean is an excellent alternative to PowerPoint and Keynote that offers many features required to create presentations pitch deck effortlessly. All the features include everything that presenters need to get the job done, including professional icons, photos, charts, and more.

2. RRslide

RRslide is one of the top sites where clients can find presentation pitch deck designs for free or premium items. The templates are of rather good quality, even for a free resource. There are outstanding quality designs that can be found there, specifically for business. Are you looking for casual items? Worry not, RRslide has catchy designs that surely be used for more personal projects.

They create a presentation pitch deck with PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, or PDF and then deliver the final result according to clients’ request. Please note that they can redesign our presentation content overlook, not to create the content.

RRslide also cares about visuality and function in terms of qualities. Their designers are detail-oriented people in making the best quality PowerPoint templates.

3. Slidesgo

With Slidesgo, users can choose and download pitch deck templates, change the slides to adapt to our needs,and use it for different software. It can quickly help us to find a presentation pitch deck that has exciting elements we can adjust.

Furthermore, each template features a collection of graphics, maps, and icons, free to use, and customizable.

All of them are editable and can be used in Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote presentations. They also have Slidesgo School, a unique space where they post tips on creating impactful presentations and tutorials that work with Google Slides and PowerPoint.

4. PowerPointify

Download free Powerpoint templates to create modern presentations with Powerpointify. They create high-quality slides by top designers around the world.

Powerpointify presents us with beautiful presentations, impresses the audience using free templates that will blow minds, and makes the presentation look cleaner with high-quality and editable slides in PowerPoint.

One of the cool things is that you can download the entire presentation pitch deck with specific topics, such as sales presentations, real estate projects, etc.

5. Slides Carnival

SlidesCarnival is a Madrid-based company specializing in making a presentation pitch deck for both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. The company has a Creative Commons license, which makes the templates free given with verified attributes.

Not only provides free templates, but it also teaches us about graphic design directly and indirectly. Far too often, students and adults include too much information on a slide.

SlidesCarnival templates have all the elements we need to communicate messages effectively and impress the audience. Plus, it is free entirely!

6. Net

Template.Net is a website with around 100,000+ PowerPoint templates with high-end quality. It provides a presentation pitch deck with sales and marketing needs.

They offer essential documents such as invoices, receipts, order forms, reports, sales templates, statements, and agreements. This website also creates charts, data and process flows, and prepares sales and marketing presentations.

This platform can be beneficial to design a presentation and to download pitch deck templates. They are working to make the project done correctly and smartly.

7. Presentations Template

PresentationsTemplate provides us with the right content for our presentation pitch deck. They work with our business model and the advantages of the company.

If you have ready-content of your pitch deck, then you can send them to polish a pitch. They will focus on each slide to be an amazing and catchy presentation pitch deck.

Are you looking to create a pitch deck on your own? Use their fully editable pitch deck templates. They have many templates for you.

8. Slide Salad

SlideSalad offers a perfect selection of stylish and ready-to-use templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides to make your presentations stand out. There are dozens of diagrams, charts, infographics, and various stylish templates you can choose.

All templates are designed with great features that are created by creative designers. They know well how to make people inspired by crafty designs, ideas, art, and innovation for their next presentation.

For this website, you need a subscription to download pitch deck templates. Get your wholesome presentation pitch deck here.


Over to You

Perfect your presentation pitch deck at the workplace for anything you are. Don’t forget to download some resourceful items from many websites at the top. We are hoping you for the best luck with the next project! To say the least, if you want to upgrade for a premium one, visit here to find some brilliant presentation pitch deck related to your needs



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