Logos may seem small, but they have very big jobs. As one of the major staples for your brand, your logo design needs to describe your company, services and values.

When creating your logo, you want to get it right the first time. Because your logo quickly becomes an identifying factor for your business and brand, you don’t want to keep changing its design. You need to create something you’re proud of the first time around.

So, what should you include to make your logo as successful as possible? Here are eight factors you should consider when designing your company’s logo.

1. Maintain Simplicity

When you’re trying to create a logo that fits your brand, it’s easy to get a bit carried away. Between using your colors, a special font and unique images, you may end up with a mess of a design that’s too busy and unappealing.

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When creating your logo, consider all the areas it may be placed. From your website to your products, you want to ensure your logo will look clean and professional no matter where it goes. If your logo is too complicated, this will be even harder to achieve.

Some of the most memorable logos are extremely simple, including the Nike logo.

2. Be Unique

Your logo is yours alone. Because it’s designed to help your company stand out from the crowd, you need your logo to look different from what is already out there.

Try to avoid creating a logo that follows the trends or is too simple and easily replicated. While circles and arrows may be trendy now, they won’t be forever. When you have a logo that’s only “cool” for a certain period, you’re going to look old and outdated.

Courtesy of Wikimedia

Courtesy of Wikimedia

Avoid running into awkward similarities with another company’s logo — like Carrier and Ford — and create a unique image for your brand.

3. Play With Color

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Colors in a logo are important for brand recognition and grabbing your audience’s attention. The NBC peacock logo is a great example of using color to represent a company. While you should keep the company colors in mind when creating your logo, you also need to remember that you’ll use different versions of the logo in different settings. Think all the different ways you may need to display your logo before selecting a color scheme for your design.

When you’re choosing the right colors for your logo, also consider how the design looks in grayscale, black and white and with a transparent background. If you’re going to place it on physical products such as clothing, consider how the colors look with the colors and design.

4. Consider Custom Type

The font selection for your logo is just as important as the icon or color, especially if you’re using the company name as the base. Rather than selecting a traditional font that many other businesses use, the right logo designer can create a type specifically for your business.

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One of the most famous examples of this type logo is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola doesn’t have extreme colors or a fancy icon. Instead, the have a font that’s easily recognizable all over the world. The Star Wars logo is another example of a custom font that represents a brand.

If you’re struggling to find a unique way to create your logo, consider having a custom font produced.

5. Play With White Space

When creating your logo, you have creative freedom to experiment a bit. Taking a step and creating something unexpected can bring great returns to your business. White space is a great way to portray another dimension within your logo. Using white space allows you to give multiple means and perspectives to your logo design.

Girl Scouts use white space to portray three different girls in their logo, although they aren’t immediately apparent when you first look at the shape. While you may only see a clover-like image at first glance, the logo represents the variety of women that make up the Girl Scouts.

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FedEx also uses the white space in their logo to present the idea of movement by sneaking a white arrow between the Ex.

When creating your logo, consider what images and messages your white space can portray.

6. Get Creative

Some of the most easily remembered logos are witty and creative in the way they display the company’s focus. While not all company names and industries allow you to create a completely clever logo, you’ll be more easily remembered if you can.

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The logo for the dating app Tinder is a great example of this. As an app hoping to ignite a fire between its users, Tinder uses a simple flame to portray both the company’s name and what they aim to help users achieve.

Think outside of the box when it comes to creating an identifying symbol for your logo.

7. Don’t Force It

When creating a logo that fits your brand and company, you may be tempted to try to get extremely creative or unique. While you want your logo to stand out, you don’t want to give the appearance that you’re trying too hard to be different. If you’re struggling to come up with an idea, there may be something unique right in front of you.

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McDonalds is a great example of a company that pulled its logo from a defining feature about the business itself. The “M” that’s recognized around the world was actually taken right from the architecture of one of the first McDonalds restaurants. Instead of trying to force an image upon their brand, they took an image they were already recognized for and made it their logo.

Consider whether or not you’re already known for something when creating your logo. If the connection is already there, your customers will identify it even quicker.

8. Be Ready for Revisions

While the strongest companies work hard to create great logos the first time around, they know that preferences can change. In order to stay relevant and timely, they make changes when they’re necessary. However, they also maintain the original feel of the logo.

Courtesy of Wikimedia

Courtesy of Wikimedia

Nickelodeon has had many different logos, but they each keep the same feel and basic design. By maintaining the classic orange and white motif, the Nickelodeon logo has continued to stay relevant and recognizable for customers.

When creating your logo, consider how easy or difficult it would be to make changes. While those changes can be difficult to predict right now, you don’t want to change the entire image of your logo in the future.


Creating a logo that accurately describes your company and your brand is crucial for being recognized with your customers. The logo that you create should accurately describe who you are, what you do, and what you can provide to your users or customers.


What are some of your favorite logos?


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