Category - Being a Designer

Being a designer isn’t easy, especially if you’re a freelance designer and still have a lot of student debt. And trust us, we feel your pain *silently cries a little bit*.


Here at Design Roast, we have some awesome tips and advice for those who are currently pursuing a design degree, in the midst of being a freelance designer or working as a designer in a company. It’s never wrong to ask for help! We know a lot about graphic design, web design, UX design and branding. However, we’ve both been know to delve into other design areas as well. Basically, we have plethora of FREE design information we want to share with you.


Our topics range from online portfolio essentials to negotiating a contract to even productivity tips for when the work feels like it’s encroaching on you (yeah, we’ve been there, too). And trust us, we haven’t mastered being designers, but our combined skills and design knowledge should help designers of all levels and skill sets.


So what’s next?

Feel free to browse through the category and find something that applies to you. It’s kind of like sifting through the books in a library (this is one of Lexie’s favorite things to do, by the way ;)). But don’t worry, this library never closes! Pick one that could interest you and happy reading, my friend.


However, if you’re here for specific designer to designer advice, that’s cool, too. If it’s concerning a topic we’ve talked about previously, please write a comment on the post. This way we can help you out directly while also informing others who may have had the same question/inquiry.


If you’re interested in writing us directly, feel free to email us at designroast [at] We’ll answer your question(s) as best as we can and will try include some extra resources to help you out. Maybe we’ll even use your question in our next article! We’re firm believers that design knowledge shouldn’t be just kept to one’s self because it’s hard enough being a designer!