Memes (especially design memes) have taken over the social media world in 2017. People love to share memes and GIFs, which are looping animations that express what you want to say in visual form.

While images are popular across all social media platforms, on Facebook, they drive engagement — 87 percent of the page interactions are Facebook are on photo posts.

As a designer, you might just enjoy looking at memes related to your work, or you might choose to share these memes with your followers who want to understand the design life or are in the same profession you are. Here are 12 of the best design memes of 2017, in no particular order.

1. Getting Paid As a Freelancer

Freelancer Waiting to Get Paid


If you work as a freelance designer, you know how difficult it can be to get paid sometimes. This meme likely speaks to you about this issue. And who knows? Posting it jokingly may remind others they should do better about paying their freelancers in a timely fashion.

2. Great Graphic Design

You Get What You Pay For


If you’ve been in the business for a while, you’ve probably come across someone who thinks you charge too much for what you do. They often don’t understand the time it takes to come up with a unique design, or the level of skill involved in design work. This meme offers a funny graphic about cheap versus great design work to put it into perspective.

3. Designer Puns

I Shot the Serif


Let’s face it: As designers, we spend an awful lot of time working with certain elements. After looking at the same design for hours upon hours, you can get a little slap-happy. In those moments, punny humor can come into play. The meme below is a perfect example of a play on words with a designer twist. It’s actually from a poster, but makes the perfect meme for the designer wanting to share a pun.

4. Minimalist Look

Going for the Minimalist Look


In 2017, minimalism was all the rage in design. Because so many more people are accessing the Internet via their mobile devices, it made a lot of sense to simplify sites to look good, even on smaller screens. However, as with anything in design, too much of a good thing is… well, still too much. The meme below takes a funny poke at the extensive use of minimalism going around.

5. For Female Designers

Content Is King, Design is Queen


There are many female designers, working both for companies and on a freelance basis. Although there are memes for both sexes, there aren’t as many for one gender or the other. This meme offers a statement female designers will appreciate.

6. Elvis Takes on Helvetica


Are you a big Elvis fan and also love Helvetica? Well, here’s the perfect meme that combines both names, along with a picture of the King, to create a humorous hybrid – Helvistica.

7. Life of a Designer

Problems With Design Work


The life of a designer is multi-faceted. You have to learn how to divide your time between talking to clients and working through the actual design process. Then, there are the inevitable issues you run into — often with getting your design to look the same across different browsers and screen sizes. This meme shows the frustration designers face when this happens

8.Comic Sans Haters

Left Restaurant Over Comic Sans


Some designers absolutely loathe Comic Sans as a font. They don’t believe it should be used for anything at any time, while others would disagree and think the youthful font has a time and place. This meme is for those who hate it so much, they wouldn’t patronize a business that used the font.

9. Font Choice Matters!

You’ll Always Be Mine


Which font you choose can change the entire mood of a project. Every designer knows a big part of the design process is either finding or creating the perfect font for a project. This meme offers a humorous take on the importance of fonts. In the first example, the message looks like a love note, while the creepy font in the second makes it look like a threat.

10. Kerning Woes

Bad Kerning


Have you ever tried to read an article, e-book or even look at a header that had kerning issues? Kerning failures can drive a designer absolutely insane, because you know how much better the design would look with proper kerning. This meme points out that fact.

11. A Little Designer Romance

Font of You


If you’re in love, you can use a cute play on words and post this meme on your significant other’s social media page. It is a cute play on words that ties into the design world in a fun way. Alternately, if you are dating a designer, this can be a cute meme to use.

12. Ongoing Revisions

A Website’s Never Done


Some clients love everything you do, and some want revision after revision. Most designers dread those little words, “I think we need a revision,” because it sometimes means a complete redesign. Clients don’t always understand how many hours of work go into the design process, or how upfront communication of needs and desires can reduce the anxiety-inducing revisions.

When you feel like beating your head against your keyboard, this meme might cheer you up a little.


These are just a few of the favorite design memes that have been popular in 2017. Hopefully, they offer you some inspiration and laughter as you go through your days as a designer. Who knows? You might want to create a meme or two of your own to express the joys and trials of life as a designer.

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