The call to action (CTA) on your website either drives conversions or chases visitors away. However, with a bit of attention to detail and studying what other brands do well with their CTAs, you can make this aspect of your site more successful.

A call to action is almost always verb-based. In one study, out of 969 landing pages, researchers found that 93.67 percent of CTAs used verbs such as start, read or learn. However, using a verb is only a very small part of creating a CTA that converts.

Here are 15 CTA examples that will improve your website. Implement a few of the techniques or all of them.

1. WordStream

One of the best CTA pop-ups on this list is WordStream’s invitation call to action. The pop-up rotates through different offers meant to hit users on more than one pain point. For example, it offers a free guide about capturing and converting more leads. However, it also provides a look at some of the best online marketing campaigns and uses the words Save My Seat to gather emails and registrations from site visitors.

Offering more than one type of benefit grabs even more conversions. If someone isn’t interested in a guide, then there is a different offer that might entice them into signing up.

2. Trunk Club

Trunk Club does an interesting job of both filtering buyers to the right section of its site and adding dueling CTAs. If you click on Get Started, you are then asked to choose men’s or women’s clothing. If you click on men’s or women’s, you are then asked to select a Get Started button. The different CTAs lead to the same journey, but they cover the various needs of the consumer.

3. Lyft

Lyft knows its audience well, and it understands that anyone going to its website instead of downloading the app is likely looking for information on driving for Lyft. When you land on the main page, the CTA targets those looking for work. Although there is also a tab where you can have the company send you a link to download the app for calling on rides, the main focus of the website is driving for Lyft.

4. Rothy’s

Rothy’s does something a bit unique with its call to action. When you land on the website, a round box appears. A circle pop-up is attention-grabbing because most others are square or rectangular. The text is informal and friendly as the site greets you with a “Hello!” The CTA then invites you to share your email address to stay updated on new footwear styles.

5. Home Chef

Home Chef seems to know the magic ingredient that entices site visitors to sign up for its meal service. Right at the top of the page, it offers a call to action that provides a discount if you sign up for the service today. Note it shows the actual value of the discount — $20. Providing a dollar value shows the consumer exactly how much the offer is worth. The CTA simply reads Redeem Offer.


BKIND focuses on the personal touch for its CTA by inviting site visitors to become “part of the family.” If you join their list, you get 10 percent off your first purchase.

One study of over 330,000 calls to action showed that a personalized invitation performs 202 percent better than basic CTAs. Adding a personal touch, as BKIND did, shows visitors you understand their needs and want to make a connection.

7. Bulletproof

Bulletproof uses high contrast to highlight the CTA button on its pages. Note how the button is a bright orange-red and grabs the user’s attention from the minute they land on the page. The text on the button is in white, which pops against the background and offers 15 percent off.

8. Black Rifle Coffee Co.

Black Rifle Coffee Co. places its CTA about midway down the page, but it takes up the width of the screen with its newsletter signup invitation. The CTA button itself has the single word Subscribe, which is quite common for CTAs. However, the words proceeding the action verb invite the user to join the list and get special offers and updates. There is a Get $5 offer in the lower left corner to entice people to sign up.

9. SnackNation

SnackNation offers a free sample so you can try out its product before signing up for its service. While free offers may not work for every business model, they are a great way of introducing users to your product and enticing new conversions.

The site also has a second-tier offer if you hover over the close button in your browser window. Customers can get a special bonus of a $25 Amazon gift card if they check out a sample box of their snacks.

10. Twenty20

Twenty20 hones in on the target audience and their needs. Since consumers care about authenticity, it explains how real-world stock photos help you remain authentic, and then it offers a chance to sign up for free to either buy or sell stock photos. The CTA also lists some of the big companies utilizing Twenty20, such as Lyft and Macy’s.

11. Panda Express

Panda Express does an excellent job of figuring out why visitors might head to its site — to either order food or view the menu. It offers CTAs for both scenarios. It highlights one of its new dishes and provides an Order Now button. You’ll then choose your nearest store and place an order for pickup.

12. DoorDash

DoorDash utilizes directional cues to show the user where to go next in the buyer journey and pointing the way to its call to action. Note how the CTA text reads “I’m ready to eat” and then the arrow points toward the image of food to the right of the text. The arrow is also clickable and takes the user to the feature to find restaurants near them.

13. GiftRocket

GiftRocket proves the old saying that an image is worth a thousand words. Enticing your site visitors to take action starts with the photos you choose. GiftRocket chooses a selection of pictures of common gift items, such as MP3 players, books, and fitness and sports equipment. It then uses a straightforward CTA button that reads “Send a Gift Rocket.” Note how the color of the rocket in the image and the color of the CTA button match, drawing the eye to the two elements and driving the user to click on the button.

14. Sparkling Ice

When you land Sparkling Ice’s homepage, a pop-up box offers you a chance to become a part of its inside club, where you’ll get news and special offers. You’ll need to share your name, email and zip code. It also wants to know what your favorite flavor is.

15. Children’s Museum of Memphis

The Children’s Museum of Memphis uses bright colors that show the fun and youthfulness of the museum. It adds a call to action button in a bright red to invite users to Plan a Visit. Note the headline, which is short and to the point, and the CTA wording, which is a mere three words. Keeping your action commands short allows readers to absorb the info quickly and take decisive action.


Choosing the Right CTA for Your Site

Figuring out which type of CTA works best requires knowing your target audience and the optimal methods of reaching them. The samples above serve as a building block for brainstorming what works best on your site. However, you must still conduct split testing and figure out what your audience responds to best.



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