Calls to action – or CTAs – help websites make a connection with site visitors. If you don’t make a connection and your reader leaves and goes to another site, you may never see him again. With more and more websites coming online every day, it is vital that you not only put CTAs in place, but also that you write effective ones that will entice your site visitors to take action.

In an analysis of more than 93,000 CTAs, it was found that the ones that targeted users based on personas were viewed 42 percent more than generic CTAs. This means you want to create a funnel of CTAs that target your reader, offering different things and different wording, depending on what the site visitor is looking for at any given time.

The place where many Web designers fail is in not adding CTAs at all or adding CTAs that aren’t targeted to turn website visitors into conversions. If you’re going to take the time to add a CTA, take the time to add one that will work.

Make CTAs Work for You

The best calls to action are not only targeted to what the site visitor wants, but they also contain other elements that will entice the reader to click on the CTA.

There are 20 websites below that use amazing CTAs that:

  • Are highly targeted to a specific persona
  • Are colorful
  • Demand an action
  • Entice the reader with the promise of something free or discounted
  • Get them to call or sign up for more information

At the same time, the overall design of the page needs to draw the reader’s eye to the CTA and thus encourage the person to convert to a subscriber or customer rather than bouncing away from the page.

Don’t just assume that a CTA should be placed above the fold, or first thing, on the page. Instead, take into account the entire site when making a decision on where to place the CTA.

There are many factors that can impact how successful a CTA is. You should do A/B testing and try different colors, words and even positions on the page to find out what works best with your audience.

Even the size of the CTA can make a difference in how high the CTA converts. For example, making the CTA button just 20 percent larger can result in a higher success rate for conversions, because the reader’s eye is drawn to the call to action.

20 Samples of Excellent CTAs

1. Spotify Taste Rewind


2. Cienne NY


3. Penxo


4. Crazy Egg


5. KFC


6. Levy Online


7. Mail Chimp


8. Netstager


9. Beyond


10. Wilsen Davil


11. Square


12. Uber


13. GoToMeeting


14. Wufoo




16. Sriracha2Go


17. Point Blank SEO


18. Zuli


19. Panic


20. Call for Cake