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Are you a designer or design enthusiast? Do you have an interesting trick up your sleeve that you would like to share with other creative types? Share it with the community and contribute to Design Roast!

(Are you here because you want me to write for you? I might be able to do that – tell me about it through the contact form here!)

I accept posts in the following categories:

  • Design Guides: Detailed how-to posts that explain the ins and outs of some aspect of design. Here’s an example about kinetic type.
  • Tools & Resources: List posts or more detailed posts about one tool or resource. Here is an example of some tools to create a color scheme.
  • Inspiration: A place to showcase your work or the work of someone who inspires you. Please have permission to publish the images if they belong to someone else!
  • Being a Designer: Your experiences becoming a designer, freelancing, or run-ins with nightmare clients. Share your funny moments, interesting case studies, or horror stories.
  • Marketing: What are the latest marketing trends you’ve found helpful for your business? Design Roast readers would love to hear your insight!
  • Got something design-related that doesn’t quite fall into one of these categories? Run it by me, I might still be interested.

But, I’m not looking for any of this stuff:

  • Really terrible infographics (please don’t)
  • Generic posts or simply impossible to cover topics such as “How to Use Photoshop”
  • Posts about how to become a designer… written by someone who isn’t and never has been a designer (major pet peeve)
  • Spun/duplicate content (I will check!)
  • Spammy links in articles that only exist for said link. I will remove them!


Because I’m striving for a high level of quality, here’s what I’m looking for:

  • More than 800 words (no fluff) – Inspiration posts can be 600 words, but must include at least 10 images with sources and preferably more
  • No affiliate links or spammy-looking anchor text
  • Please do link to relevant resources, studies, existing Design Roast posts, and posts on your blog.
  • Use subheadings and bulleted lists where appropriate
  • Please include one or more Creative Commons or free photos, and give me the link to the source
  • I reserve the right to make edits to the post and title.
  • When published, share your post with your followers and respond to comments

Interested? Please use the contact form below to pitch me your idea.

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