You know what it takes to put together a great photo shoot. You understand which elements work well together and which shots are likely to be more visually appealing than others. These are all integral pieces of solid design work. However, do you know how to take that knowledge and apply it to Instagram photography? Are you aware that what works well offline might not be a hit online? If you’re interested in increasing your Instagram appeal, pay attention to the tips below.

High Lighting

Lighting is critical for all forms of photography, this is especially true on Instagram, however, this is where it varies. Offline, high lighting can look washed out, or worse, sloppy. However, part of the appeal of the social photo sharing site is that, in combination with the effects and filters provided by the site, high lighting tends to attract more attention, especially on smaller screens. According to a recent study by Curalate, images with high lighting generated 24% more attention than those that were darker.

Angle It

It’s no secret that camera phones are limited, especially when shooting more in-depth objects. The good news is that it’s not a hard challenge to overcome. Consider the angles of the object you’re shooting. How could you create more depth? Adding an interesting angle can compensate for the shortcomings of shooting with a smartphone and should become a regular practice. On Instagram, flat is never a positive thing.

Think Square

Unlike traditional rectangular photos, Instagram’s photography is square – there’s no way around it. While cropping tools exist, it’s best to consider this before you even take a shot. Think about trying to capture a smaller area from the start. The square can be beneficial, but when too much needs to be cut, your image won’t work in the way you intended.

Get Close

Another limitation to camera phones is the lack of ability to create a blurred background. Because of the basic resolutions provided, almost anything shot through a camera is in focus. This limits the ability to create truly art worthy images; however, you can rise above the shortcoming. The simple solution? Get close. By really focusing in on the object at your focus, you can provide an art-like blur to the background, helping your central image standout and giving your Instagram images artistic appeal.

Go Back

Yes, color adds a lot to any shot. However, for a truly dramatic appeal, black and white shots can go a long way. Instagram makes it easy to convert any image from color to black and white or even sepia, but this doesn’t make it right for every shot. Remember the basics of black and white photography: details can easily be washed out or even blurred. If you’re looking to add some black and white flare, look for sharp, bold objects with well-defined lines and attractive lighting. This effect, when used correctly, can take an Instagram photo from average to extraordinary.

Instagram is an excellent way to market yourself as a designer and to help take your clients to the next level. However, special attention to details that separate the network from traditional photography is essential for success. Follow the ideas above and experiment for best results.

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