Whether you’re taking on business card design for your own services or for a client, the rules are pretty much the same – it has to represent a snapshot of your awesome visual designing skills.  While a lot of web designers may freelance remotely or get most of their business online, you should always be ready to advertise and network in person with a wallet-sized glimpse into your designing abilities.  If you’re designing business cards for a client, obviously you’ll want to blow them away or at least give your client impressive, sharp looking results.

Here are a few tips to consider:

Elements to Consider When Designing Business Cards

1. Include Mock-Ups With Your Business Card

Mock-up business cards are one of the best ways you can quickly, non-intrusively and effectively market yourself. If you are handing out your own business cards, include a few mock-up examples to throw in with it. This will give your prospective customer immediate satisfaction in regards to what the cards could look like.

Elements to Consider When Designing Business CardsWhile your own card is also a representation of this, presenting a few other examples goes a step further by showcasing your services. Mock-ups also will likely make you more memorable to the potential customer. Anyone can hand someone a business card, but if you have a tiny pocket-sized portfolio in addition to your business card, it may spark some ideas in your potential customer.  There are some great business card templates available, both paid and free.

2. Include a QR Code

Whether it is for a customer or yourself, QR codes are another great marketing tool that connects the real world with the virtual one. QR codes on business cards are like a personalized. You can create special deals, landing pages, messages or any number of things, which are entered into via the QR code. Entrepreneurs and small business owners especially will be pleased with this little extra window for marketing – just make sure they don’t already have one. If they do, suggest including it. Also, testing the QR code on several different types of smartphones before the final print is a good idea.

Elements to Consider When Designing Business Cards

3. Be Creative and Simple

Elements to Consider When Designing Business CardsSome designers think that “creative” means changing the size (how will it fit in someone’s wallet if you use something bigger than 3.5’’x 2’’?), using a ton of detail or messing with other standards. These kinds of standards are not the ones to be messed with. Instead, check out these examples for how you can bend the typical business card approach for some wow factor.

Whether you are a yoga instructor, photographer, or gardener, think outside the box for ways you can bring your passion to your card.

There are plenty of other things to consider that newbie designers, especially, may not realize the first time, such as:  making sure to provide bleed specific to your printer, text sizes, avoiding borders around the entire card, working in CMYK instead of RGB and lots of other things. But if you utilize your left brain and think outside the box, you may be able to wow both your clients and yourself with just one piece of wallet-sized art.

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