The Meyer-Briggs personality test is an entertaining way to see how you look at the world. By answering a handful of questions, you’ll find yourself sorted into one of 16 categories, each given a 4-letter designation. If you haven’t taken an MBTI test before, take a few minutes and answer the questions to find your MBTI designation, and then keep reading.

Now that you have your test results, which emoji do you think best represents you? Here are our best picks for the perfect emojis based on the Myers-Briggs test results.

INTJ — The Architect

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The INTJ, known as the Architect, is the kind of person who has a plan for everything, no matter what the world throws at them. Though introverted, they rely heavily on both imagination and strategy to figure out the best way to approach any situation. In your group of friends, you can identify the INTJs by looking for people who might not speak up but always have a backup plan when your plans fall through.

Best EmojiThe Relaxed Face Emoji. It’s hard to get under the skin of an INTJ because they’re always prepared for everything. Famous INTJs include Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

INTP — The Logician

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The INTP is the Logician. They likely spend their time learning something new or creating something better. They’re the kind of person who probably always has their nose stuck in a book or fascinating website, even at social gatherings, because their thirst for knowledge is completely unquenchable.

Best EmojiThe Thinking Face Emoji. INTPs are always thinking about something new, even if they’re standing around talking about gossip or the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Famous INTPs include Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin.

ENTJ — The Commander

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The ENTJ, better known as the Commander, is almost always the leader. They’re bold, often coming up with new and better ways to complete their tasks and help others complete theirs. Imagination is one of the most important tools in the Commander’s arsenal, allowing them to think outside the box — or just throw the box away — while they come up with totally new ways to do things.

Best EmojiThe Triumph Emoji. Often mistaken as an angry emoji because of the steam coming out of the nose, the Triumph emoji perfectly embodies the ENTJ’s take-charge and get-stuff-done attitude. Famous ENTJs include Alexander Hamilton, Carl Sagan and Bill Gates.

ENTP — The Debater

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The ENTP, known as the Debater, is a person who just can’t walk away from a good intellectual debate. They’ll calmly and intelligently argue their side and, just as calmly, listen to opposing viewpoints. If you want an ENTP to love you, present them with an intellectual challenge. Their curious nature won’t be able to resist it.

Best EmojiThe Upside-down Face Emoji. They may be upbeat and curious, but if you give them a chance to talk to you about their point of view, they can turn your entire world upside down. Famous ENTPs include Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin and Steve Wozniak.

INFJ — The Advocate

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The INFJ, also called the Advocate, is the voice that inspires others from behind the scenes. They might not be the person on the sports field or on the stage, but they’ll be there in the wings, inspiring everyone around them to be their very best. They are often very creative and inspirational, though their introvert tendencies might prevent them from becoming motivational speakers. They’ll write the speeches instead.

Best EmojiThe Clapping Hands Sign. INFJs are always encouraging people around them to achieve new heights. Famous INFJs include Plato, Mahatma Gandhi and Thomas Jefferson.

INFP — The Mediator

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The INFP, also known as the Mediator, is the kind of person who is always helping his or her fellow man, whether that means donating their last dollar to a good cause or helping a friend pack and move their house. They’re poetic and creative, and you can almost always find them in a career that requires creativity.

Best EmojiThe Writing Hand Sign. INFPs are always fiercely creative, coming up with new ideas no matter where or when they are. An INFP without a notebook and pen is an unhappy INFP. Famous INFPs include George Orwell, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

ENFJ — The Protagonist

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The ENFJ is also called the Protagonist, and they are often the hero of their own story. They tend to be charismatic, making it easy for them to inspire those around them. Their way with words allows them to be effective speakers, and you’ll often find them in leadership or motivational positions. They’re often fixated on improving themselves and those around them, and their leadership skills make it possible.

Best EmojiThe Smiling Face with Sunglasses Emoji. ENFJs are always optimistic and charismatic, two things that are embodied in this emoji. Famous ENFJs include Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr and Justin Trudeau.

ENFP — The Campaigner

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The ENFP, known as the Campaigner, makes it a point to always find a reason to smile. They’re energetic and creative, the social opposite of the INFP, while embodying the same sort of energies. Their enthusiasm, whether it’s for a project, a show or just for life itself, is contagious, and you might find yourself smiling as well when you’ve got an ENFP in your group.

Best EmojiThe Smiling Face with Open Mouth and Smiling Eyes Emoji. This emoji is nothing but smiles, and that’s the perfect picture to represent the ENFP. They’ll always look for an excuse to smile. Famous ENFPs include Hunter S. Thompson, Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde.

ISTJ — The Logistician

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The ISTJ is considered the Logistician, and those with this personality are fact-centric individuals who rely on practical experience and expertise than creative exploits. That said, they are among the most reliable individuals you will ever meet, and their practicality allows them to look at the world in unique and different ways.

Best EmojiThe OK Hand Sign. No matter what happens, if you turn to your ISTJ friend, you can trust everything will work out OK. Famous ISTJs include George Washington, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Jeff Bezos.

ISFJ — The Defender

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The ISFJ, known as the Defender, is the person who will always take up arms to protect the people they love. Those people don’t necessarily have to be family members — friends count as loved ones, too. They are among the most dedicated people you’ll ever meet, and if you’ve got one who counts you as a friend, consider yourself lucky.

Best EmojiThe Hugging Face Emoji. ISFJs are always there when you need a hug or a helping hand and will always have your back when stuff hits the fan. Famous ISFJs include Marcus Aurelius, Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa.

ESTJ — The Executive

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ESTJs are called the Executive. They are the kind of person who you’ll find in administrative positions, no matter what their job description is. They are the best at managing, whether they’re managing people, things or both, and they often blossom when they’re finally allowed to let their talents show. If you need someone to take charge, in business or at home, you can’t find anyone better than an ESTJ.

Best EmojiThe Angry Face emoji. The angry face looks intimidating, but it’s perfect for the managerial prowess of the ESTJ. They might be feared, but they definitely have everything under control. Famous ESTJs include Michelle Obama, Martha Stewart and Hillary Clinton.

ESFJ — The Consul

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The ESFJ, also known as The Consul, is one of the most caring and outgoing people you will ever meet. They’re the social butterfly, always making the biggest entrance at parties and making friends wherever they go. They’re always on the lookout for the best way to help, whether that means staying late after a party to clean or getting a group of people together to volunteer at the local soup kitchen.

Best EmojiThe Heart-Eyes Emoji. The ESFJ is the closest you’ll ever get to seeing actual hearts in someone’s eyes. They love everyone and care very deeply about their fellow man. Famous ESFJs include Pope Francis, Harry S. Truman and Anne Hathaway.

ISTP — The Virtuoso

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The ISTP is called the Virtuoso, and they have their hands in a new project every time you turn around. They love experimenting with all sorts of mediums and probably have at least one tool in their pocket at all times. The ITSP is the friend who you go to when you need something fixed or you want to learn how to repair your favorite items.

Best EmojiThe Wrench Emoji. What better emoticon to represent that person who is always willing to get their hands dirty than the wrench? It’s one of the most versatile tools in the toolbox and the perfect embodiment of the ISTP. Famous ISTPs include Steve Jobs, Jack Dorsey and Clint Eastwood.

ISFP — The Adventurer

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The ISFP, known as the Adventurer, is always ready to start exploring something new. If you have a friend who’s an artist, chances are, they are an ISFP. Though they tend to be introverted, once you get to know them, they’ll won’t be shy about their newest projects or exciting advances. They’ll be the first to jump on the idea of a road trip or something that takes you outside your comfort zone.

Best EmojiThe Full Moon Emoji. The moon is the symbol of madness, of lovers and of creation. For ISFPs, the full moon is just one more source of inspiration, which makes it the perfect emoji for them. Famous ISFPs include Michael Jackson, Prince and David Bowie.

ESTP — The Entrepreneur

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The ESTP is called the Entrepreneur. These individuals, like their name suggests, are likely to live on the edge, investing money into new business ventures and living life to the fullest. They’re very energetic and extremely smart. There aren’t enough mountains out there for the ESTP to climb, so they’ll make their own.

Best EmojiThe Mount Fuji Emoji. Mount Fuji is just one more mountain to climb, one more challenge to overcome for the ESTP. They’ll climb to the top and then look for the next highest peak. Famous ESTPs include Winston Churchill, George S. Patton and Theodore Roosevelt.

ESFP — The Entertainer

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The ESFP, also known as the Entertainer, is the most energetic and enthusiastic person you will ever meet. They are the friends who will take an unplanned trip to Europe or the ones who will quit their jobs and move to South America — just because they can. You’ll never be bored with an ESFP friend, though you may want to renew your passport so you can keep up with them!

Best EmojiThe Dancer Emoji. Spontaneous and energetic are words that can both be used to describe this dancing emoji and anyone who falls in the ESFP category. Famous ESFPs include Michelangelo, Howard Schultz and Deepak Chopra.


So, how did we do? Does your Meyer-Briggs emoji fit you, or are we totally off base? You can find more information about famous people who match your type here. The MBTI test can be a fun way to see how you look at the world, and now you know which emoji you should include in your social media profile along with your test result.