It’s what we’ve all been waiting for! This all inclusive font guide has all you could ever want to know about your favorite fonts. The Font Series incorporates the fonts’ origins and looks at how it came into existence. We also include where you’d find these favorite fonts in the media and pop culture. Don’t worry, there are serif and sans serifs for everyone to enjoy.

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The Font Series:

Each chapter features a specific font and includes an in-depth look at each one. We’ll look at its origins, where it’s commonly found and discuss which types of work the font best works with. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to create your own font!

Chapter 1: Times New Roman

Chapter 2: Roboto

Chapter 3: Georgia

Chapter 4: Verdana

Chapter 5: Helvetica

Chapter 6: Comic Sans

Chapter 7: Didot

Chapter 8: Arial

Chapter 9: Tahoma

Chapter 10: Garamond

Chapter 11: Century Gothic

Chapter 12: Brody

Have a favorite font you want to see in the guide? We’re always open to adding to the guide. Leave it in the comments below!