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Trends in web design get improved all the time. Among all the issues that exist in this sphere, the whirl of changes influences web design trends the most. Following these trends doesn’t mean you make your website look like every other one. It is an evidence of your website cherishing the tendencies in the world of web design and supporting its traditions. Trends in web design spread over all spheres it consists of, including a logo design.

Let’s take a look at these seven biggest trends in logo design and why they will be so popular.

1. Hand Drawn

Remember drawing some doodles at school or while talking to someone over the phone? It turns out, those could be your future logo’s first sketches. Hand drawn logos have gained their popularity because they look light and breezy.

If you think you shouldn’t think much about designing such logos, you can’t be more wrong. Designing logos that look so easy demands titanical efforts. Any odd line can spoil the general impression which leads you to redoing the logo again and again. However, the final result will bring you lots of satisfaction and pride: you can hardly find a logo that will look so brilliant and petite as a hand drawn one.

2. Get Back to Geometry

As it turned out, Geometry at school was one of the most useful subjects ever. At least if you’re a graphic designer now. The reason for this is that geometric figures got extremely popular in graphic design nowadays. Such popularity can be easily explained by the opportunities that geometric approach towards a web design including the companies’ logos gives both to designers and those the logos are aimed at: clients. Geometry always looks catchy and by no means it can be called “ordinary”.


On the contrary, it gains your attention for being complicated and extraordinary that can only favor you. One of the greatest examples of using geometry for a logo creation is the logo created on a marketplace DesignContest for Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery based in Milwaukee. The main requirement of the client was that the logo should have combined stars in it in order to show the company’s uniqueness. That’s why all the logos suggested for the company contained 5 stars on them.

The winning logo, however, included not only 5 stars but also a mysterious beautiful silhouette inside of one star, which turned to be really favourable. Thus, geometry can complement different styles and components which makes it indispensable.

3. Break It!

Not your logo but its letters. Broken letters used on the logo spice it up. They present a logo with an impression of lightness, careless and look exceptionally creative. They combine different lines and shapes which has something to do with an “arranged mess”. Such bipolar impression is a stunning decision for a fashionable color transition used in designing logos nowadays.

The trend shows the real essence of the logo and allows you not to use any pictures or additional information. Broken letters represent the logo entirely and there’s no need to extend such logos with additional pictures, patterns and typography for they can only spoil all the general effect.

4. Vintage

This logo style is probably in trend for good, that’s why by choosing it you can be sure you won’t have to provide a re-branding in a year or so. Vintage means classics, and classics can never be out of fashion. Such logos always look daring and bold, they are calling you to act and react, which is why they fit into 2018 logo trends just perfectly: Everything that can awake your clients to actions should be used in logo designing. Also, vintage logos always look sophisticated and a bit impulsive, therefore will easily get remembered.

Being memorable is the primary task of each and every logo, isn’t it?

5. Animated Logo Design

2018 is all about graphic solutions of the highest quality. That’s why the logo design animation shouldn’t be a surprise for you. Every modern website demands a detail that would mesmerize its users, making them stay a little bit longer on the web page. Such detail turns out to be a logo design with some repeated movements. This very logo design trend is great for both wordmarks and emblems. Due to the animation used for such logos, the website becomes innovative and inventive.

6. Make It Flat

Flat design is everywhere. It has gained everyone’s love and devotion due to looking aesthetically beautiful and clear. Flat in web design stands for minimalism in logo design. Indeed, due to minimalistic logos companies save a lot of space and are able to manipulate their clients’ attention: they depict only what is needed to be seen. Also, such limited space designers get allows them to let their imagination free and therefore the result will be rather impressive. Minimalism always looks exquisite and petite which benefits you from the very beginning: it wins over your customers’ love at once.

7. Logo Designs with Characters

In 2018, try to make your logo design personal. It should be connected with your brand’s story and appeal to your target audience. The more creative it gets, the more your clients will recognize it. As a result, logo designs with imaginative characters get much more attention than those that simply use a brand mark. If you don’t experience any lack of creativity, you will also be able to create a better advertising campaign with your logo character as its core. What’s more, this category includes animals, plants, and everything that can be converted into a fairy tale. This fact gives a lot of space for thinking and for coming up with a captivating logo.


With the new year, everyone expects for something magical to happen. Your business logo is no exception, for it demands some magic on its own. Following one of the 7 logo design trends for 2018 mentioned above, you make sure that this sort of magic does happen, and it will look a lot like your growing sales.


*All images taken from DesignContest and Pinterest

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