You don’t boss your mechanic around when it comes to fixing problems with your car, because you probably don’t understand what those exact issues are. Why should you exert so much more control over creating a good logo design? Great designers will mesh the client’s requests with a greater vision for the company. Poor designers will just do whatever the client wants, regardless of whether or not it makes sense. Where do you fall?

Check out this infographic by Creatage to understand the difference.

What Makes a Good Logo Design Company

Featured image by Mike Rohde

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  • Hi Adrienne,

    What an outclass infographics. As a logo Designer from almost 6 years I faced few of the clients like these But, sometime they replied rudely if we give our own suggestion. So, most of the time we have to stick with the client brief. However, if you can really surprise them that is all they need.

    Thank You
    Best Regards.

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