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From the first daguerreotype images to today’s digital capabilities at our fingertips, photography has been creating memories, inspiring great art and impacting lives. Who could ever forget the emotion evoked from the image of the child Kim Phuc running from the napalm bomb dropped on her village in 1972? Throughout history, landmark events make their mark through a snapshot of a moment in time. However, images are so much more. Designers use photography to evoke a wide variety of emotions and send a message to users.

Photography is a $10 billion industry in the United States, with a growth of about 1.6%. However, there are many other segments in marketing and design that use photographs, but don’t necessarily fall into the official category of photography. Each year, new trends emerge such as smoke photography and light painting. Design Roast has you covered with photography advice. We have tips for beginners and advanced photographers.

Say More With Photos

The human brain processes images faster than words, so you can say more with a single photo than an entire page of words. However, the photos must be relevant to the topic at hand. For small business owners and designers, this means including a product in the image or tapping into one of the pain points the product or service solves for consumers. Although there is a time and place for stock photography, whenever possible, use unique images that show the personality and scope of your brand.

Tap into what is most valuable to your target audience. Think about some of the photographs you keep in your collection. Which photos do you blow up into an 8″ x 10″ and hang on the wall? Why are those images so meaningful to you, and what types of imagery matter to your audience?

Try New Techniques

Don’t be afraid to try new techniques. With DSLR cameras, you delete anything which doesn’t turn out the way you expected or make the impact you’d like. Think about the personality of your brand or the message you’d like to send with your photos. For example, if you want to make things seem slightly off-kilter, try your hand at surreal photography. If you want a sense of order, test the waters for pattern photography. No matter what mood you want for your design, there is a photography type which meets your needs.

Spend time studying the work of other photographers for fresh ideas. Once you get some ideas, test them out. The best way to get better at photography is to practice. The more photos you take, the better you’ll understand the impact of lighting on different shots and the settings of your camera. Reading about photography only takes you so far. You must then apply what you’ve learned over and over until you’ve perfected your technique.

Tips and Tricks for Graphic Design Photography

When taking photographs for a website or social media page, you want to present the product in the best light possible. For example, if you’re a food blogger, taking food photos is different than taking portraits of employees. Various tips and tricks allow you to show off food in the best light possible. Even the angle of the camera makes a difference in the finished result.

In addition to the techniques for taking photos, you’ll want to invest in some photo editing software and learn insider tricks to make the most of the pictures you do take. For web designers, you’ll also want to optimize the photos, so they load quickly on a variety of devices.

Photography is a wide-ranging topic which is impossible to learn quickly. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find articles covering topics necessary for growing your skill level. Investing time and energy into photography is a worthwhile endeavor which pays off in stronger images and better designs.

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