Whether you’re looking for ways to spice up your existing logo, are starting from scratch, going at it alone or working with an experienced designer, there are certain things you should know about logo design.

Think about it. Your logo is the first thing most people – potential customers – will see when they visit your brand’s website. It’s what will stick with them long after they’ve left and what they’ll associate with your company in the future. It’s what will help them recognize what you stand for when they’re thinking of future purchases, or what they’ll forget immediately. Starting to understand the importance?

The infographic below, The Recipe for a Perfect Logo – created by Company Folders – outlines everything you need to know to put together the perfect brand logo. It takes generic statements that you have seen elsewhere and makes them actionable with specific details that you can actually use.

For example, do you understand white space and how it relates to logos? What about the meanings behind various shapes, colors and icons? Do you know what consistency really means, and how using imagery in your logo can translate into better product associations? Maybe not, but this infographic will bring it all home in a way that’s easy to digest and to put into practice going forward.

Take your time to go over the specifics in the infographic and to take notes. Think about how each step relates to your brand’s logo. From there, think about what you’re looking to achieve with your new logo and how to bring your ideas to life.

The Recipe for a Perfect Logo [Infographic by Company Folders]

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