If you’ve worked as a graphic designer for any length of time, you may feel a bit dried up on inspiration. While there are many ways to find your design mojo again, one key way is to read the best blogs for graphic designers to see what’s trending and get tips and ideas from other designers.

Knowing you need to read the best blogs for graphic designers is the easy part — but finding the blogs that stand out from the crowd is a bit harder. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you and found the top 15 best blogs for graphic designers.

1. Friends of Type

Friends of Type is a blog dedicated to hand-lettered fonts. The images are full-size to better feature the beautiful lettering. You’ll find typographic inspiration on the blog. The site lists four men who contribute their designs to the site: Aaron Carambula, Erik Marinovich, Dennis Payongayong and Jason Wong. The designs are quite varied, likely due to the various styles of the four contributing.

2. Design Week

This U.K.-based magazine used to be in print but is now exclusively online. Find articles on a wide range of design topics, including current trending topics. Design Week features articles on up and coming designers, new technology and the latest tools and courses to help you become the best designer you can possibly be. The site also takes a look back at designs from the past, because you can’t know where you’re going as a designer if you don’t understand where you’ve been.

3. Fonts in Use

Fonts in Use solves a problem many graphic designers have. It’s one thing to see a font on a website and think it might work well in a design, but seeing fonts used within an actual design brings an entirely new level to the work. This blog features a variety of font styles and also shows how other designers are using those fonts in their day-to-day work. This provides inspiration and a more three-dimensional look at how a font might be used.

4. High on Design

High on Design is a unique blog that focuses on the business side as well as the inspirational side of graphic design work. The blog offers how-to guides, features of some of today’s top designers and provides tips on answering questions you’ll be asked in an interview to get hired as a designer. You’ll also find templates for portfolio sites, details on designing different types of projects (such as websites) and in-depth research.

5. Type Toy

Type Toy is a rather eclectic design blog. It features art showing different types of typography over the years. You’ll find old movie posters, comic book cover designs and a few logos scattered in the mix. The site is set up around the images, with the community tagging, sharing and interacting with the various images on the site and their creators. It’s more of a micro-blog of images, along the lines of Instagram.

6. Create

Create is Adobe’s website and features many different designs made possible by their software. The site features artists and agencies and the digital media they create, but it also digs deeper and offers articles on topics such as old typefaces and recreating them or creating specific design looks. The site is divided into categories such as graphic design, photography, illustration and motion graphics.

7. The Dieline

The Dieline describes itself as a packaging design blog and they provide just that element in their posts. When you land on their blog, you’ll see big, beautiful images of package designs from around the world. The focus might be on meat package designs and showcase a number of brands or it might be on a specific design and why it works. If you’re designing a product package, this site provides insight and inspiration.

8. Ministry of Type

If you’re looking for a site that considers the theory of typography, then Ministry of Type is an excellent choice for your needs. This blog looks at brands and the little details that go into an amazing logo design. Articles include a look at topics such as mobile responsive logos and calligraphic creatures. If you want to know something unique about type, this is the place to go.

9. TDB

TDB — “the design blog” — proves that one of the best ways to learn good design is to study good design. They feature the best designs from all over the globe, showcasing what designers do well. Their tag line is, “Don’t just be a designer, be a good one.” They back up that statement by showing everything from architecture to fonts and featuring a stellar designer of the week whose work is sure to inspire you. You’ll also find specific articles on topics such as t-shirt design and brand identity.

10. Creative Review

Have you ever wondered what other designers are up to? Creative Review looks at the way design impacts the world around us. Articles cover topics such as photographing major sporting events, the collections of specific artists and interesting reads about designers around the world. You’ll find designs for beer mats, fonts and even films. No matter what you want to create, you will likely find inspiration here.

11. The Type Directors Club

The Type Directors Club features news and events focused around typography. The publication has been around for more than 70 years. In addition to covering news of upcoming events, they also offer a number of competitions and scholarships for up-and-coming designers. The blog is run by the organization, so you can also join to stay aware of news and events for designers.

12. AIGA Eye on Design

AIGA is a professional club for designers and their Eye on Design publication digs deep into the history of design, where it is today and where it’s headed tomorrow. For example, they might feature an article about the courting rituals of a specific bird and how it inspires a specific typeface design. The topics are extremely in-depth and work well for advanced designers. However, they also feature beginner topics for those just getting started in the field of design.

13. Type Theory

Have you ever wished you could look at someone else’s sketchbook and see how they work through their own designs? Seeing how others work allows you to refine your creative process as well. Type Theory takes this concept and brings it online by opening up the sketchbooks of other designers and explaining the process behind those designs.

14. eLearning Brothers

Want to learn some new design tips or techniques? eLearning Brothers features numerous tutorials that show you how to achieve different design elements in your own work. You will find PowerPoint tips, graphic design tips and instructional design tips on their blog. Their webinars include training topics such as creating SVG graphics in PowerPoint. They frequently add new topics, so check back often to enhance your learning skills.

15. Trend List

Wondering what the latest trends in design are? Trend List features what’s hot at any given moment. While you shouldn’t just design to trend, as they change so quickly, you can certainly find inspiration that will allow you to create sites that are current and desirable for your clients or enhance your logos and other designs with unique features other designers may not yet be using.


More Blogs out There

We’ve listed what we feel are 15 of the best design and typography blogs online today. However, new blogs spring up every week and old blogs get revamped. Watch your social media feeds for interesting posts and keep an eye out for blogs you love that inspire you to stretch yourself as a designer and become better and better at what you do.



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