Taking the time to listen to the top experts in your industry helps build your job skills and gives you fresh ideas and techniques you otherwise might not be exposed to. Design podcasts are one fun way to easily develop these skills. You can listen to a podcast while doing other activities, allowing you to absorb information while finishing other things.

More than 112 million Americans say they’ve listened to a podcast, with a growth of 11 percent between 2016 and 2017. There’s a reason the number of people listening to podcasts is growing. They offer an easy way to digest information and stay up-to-date on industry trends. In addition, many different types of podcasts are available on any number of topics.

Designers have a number of podcasts available. And so narrowing down the choices isn’t always an easy task. After all, the time you have in a day is limited, so you don’t want to waste it listening to something that isn’t helpful. Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you and discovered what we think are the six best podcasts for designers.

1. Design Matters With Debbie Millman

Design Matters is a podcast that looks at how to mesh the business side of design with the creativity and skill required to pull off projects. The podcast airs once a week, and Millman has produced around 244 episodes, so you’ll have an extensive library from which to choose. Some of the topics available include interviews with experts, such as a psychologist focusing on how to reach consumers via designs.

This podcast is one of the best ones on design because of its consistency and creative interviews with information you won’t find in any other podcast out there.

2. The Design of Business | The Business of Design

The Design of Business | The Business of Design is hosted by Michael Bierut and Jessica Helfand, who record the show at the Yale School of Management. They dig down into the details of how design shapes organizations from the inside out. They host guests from a wide range of industries, including clients and designers in different types of fields.

Although the show isn’t recorded every week, it is on our list of best shows because of the depth of knowledge that can be gained from both the hosts and their guests.

3. 99% Invisible

99% Invisible is a weekly podcast with host Roman Mars. He chooses a single topic for each podcast and explores it in depth. Mars looks at how design and architecture impact the world around us. This process can be helpful to designers in understanding various industries they might be designing for.

Topics in the 300 podcasts and counting include a look at the art of the Metropolitan Correctional Center’s architecture, an interview with a comic book artist and many other varied topics that you can apply to your life as a designer and business owner.

This show is an excellent way to get you to look at the world around you and find inspiration in ordinary things.

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4. Adventures in Design

Adventures in Design helps designers know they live in a world where other designers struggle with the same issues they do. Most of your work is probably completed in isolation. So, the ability to hear from other designers can help you gain from their experience and push your work to another level.

This show is available on multiple platforms, including iTunes and SoundCloud. It’s broadcast every morning, Monday through Friday. Episodes include interviews with illustrators and designers. Not to mention lots of shop talk to help you learn the ins and outs of the design biz.

This one made the list because of the insider tips gained from guests. Also the fact that you can listen to it every morning, making it part of your weekly routine.

5. The Futur

The Futur podcast is hosted by Chris Do, an Emmy award-winning director. Topics include the business of design and creative entrepreneurship. Shows air every week or so and cover content such as content marketing, how to charge more for your services and what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

This podcast makes the list because it covers topics about both the creative side of business as well as the mechanics of running a business. It even digs down into issues such as how clients might have a hard time finding you to hire you.

6. Resourceful Designer

Resourceful Designer is hosted by Mark Des Cotes, a graphic and web designer with more than two decades of experience in the industry. He offers advice on running a design business, finding new clients and overcoming challenges as a designer. Some other topics include creating client loyalty, how to follow-up with new clients and ways to succeed as a business owner.

This podcast makes the list because of the practical advice of specifically running a freelance design business. In particular, the podcast on overcoming isolation when you work alone is spot on to figuring out how to be productive in your work while still utilizing time management skills.


Design Podcasts to Improve Your Game

Podcasts are an excellent way to improve your skills as a designer. Utilize the wasted time driving to and from client meetings. You’ll be able to brush up on old skills and gain new ones. Podcasts also offer an easy way to digest business tips at the end of a long day. You’ll find information in them that you likely won’t find anywhere else. This can take your design business to the next level and give you an edge over your competition.


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