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Web developer tools assist designers and developers in creating and maintaining a website. No longer do web developers need to code everything from scratch. The range of tools varies from coding help to help with different platform languages to content management. With a couple of searches, you’ll find something which makes your life as a developer easier.

The terms web developer and web designer are sometimes used interchangeably, although development is more the work going on behind the scenes that delivers the website to the end user. There are approximately 162,900 web developers in the United States, but there is some overlap between developers and designers with the terms often used interchangeably. You may have two developers on your team, one working on the back-end of the website and the other on the design.

One of the biggest reasons for the overlap between designers, developers and graphic artists is the availability of design tools which put design work in the grasp of anyone with some training in the structure of websites.

A Growth Mindset

Because the industry changes so rapidly, especially with the advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and the speed at which computers now work, you must be willing to adapt and grow as the industry changes. It’s vital that developers gain a growth mindset where they look at what skills work for them and which ones are easily replaced with technology so they can develop new knowledge.

For example, if you always wanted to draw, but haven’t had time due to creating content for your website, put everything on autopilot with a content management system (CMS) and a team of writers. You’ve now freed up your time to learn to draw or learn a new coding language. Be open to the industry as it changes and embrace the tools available to you.

Many of the articles on this site aim to educate designers and developers about changes in the industry and how best to apply those changes to their work. You’ll find information on ERP’s impact on your tech business, links to the best TED talks and details about augmented reality (AR) and how it’s changing design. Spend a little time each day reading articles and catching up on news in your field and you’ll grow naturally into an even better web developer than you already are.

Tools Save Time

Using various tools saves you time and money as a developer. You’ll have more time to focus on the creative aspects of your work or to deliver work more quickly and thus take on additional clients.

For example, Google Drive allows you to run backups automatically. You’ll never again lose an important client file or have to start work from scratch because of a computer crash. Simply sync Drive to your computer and allow it to run seamlessly in the background.

Learn From Others in Your Industry

Take the time to study other experts in your industry. Read interviews by other designers and developers and pay attention to the courses they take and offer to others. A Photoshop tutorial or two builds your skill set in editing photographs. Go to a competitor’s website and check out the source code. What plugins do they use? Are they using a specific CMS system?

Web development is a job that should go into the foreseeable future. Even though AI replaces some of the work developers used to do, there is still a need for the creative mind to pull everything together. While you might use a myriad of tools, you’ll also have more time for perfecting your style and ensuring clients get the perfect website to suit their needs.