Category - UX Design

UX design, with a focus on the user experience, takes into account a deeper understanding of the end user. What emotions, habits and preferences does a certain type of site visitor have? UX design also consists of usability testing to ensure everything works properly for the user. In a nutshell, the UX designer improves the user experience. One of the very first steps a UX designer will take is to create a user persona.

The rest of the process involves wireframing, A/B split testing and refining the overall product for the best user experience possible.

A/B testing is a tool that provides highly personalized insight into how your site visitors respond. Whenever you make a change or addition to your site, conduct split testing and see if the shift converts higher. If you aren’t sure which of two choices works better, such as CTA button color or placement on a page, run a split test. Look at specific elements or an entire page and see how each converts.